London Underground Mosquito

Stagnant water (pools, flooded sumps and shafts), relatively warm temperatures and an abundance of mammals (humans, mice and rats) in the London underground system form a habitat for a population of mosquitos, genetically different from the species found on the surface. Maintenance crews are plagued by the mosquito, and drivers have to clean the front windows of trains daily. Infamously named molestus this insect is benefitting from the man made environment in multiple ways and has adapted to its new environment in a mysterious way. While normally new species take thousands of years to evolve, the molestus has succeeded in doing this in a period of less then 150 years, making it an evolutionary erratic. According to a article published in Heredity by Katharine Byrne and Richard A Nichols the species seems to have emerged from a single colonisation that happened around the same time as the Bakerloo line was build (1898-1906).



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