Expanded Cinema and Ecotopia

In October 2013 I started a research project at the University of the Arts London, with the aim to develop an expanded cinema project that evokes an alternative future.

The future that I envision involves a symbiotic approach, not only bringing social justice to human beings, but also taking other species into the equation. This does not necessarily mean a return to a primitive rural society. A radical different approach towards politics, law, economy and technology could lead us to a new type of civilisation. Our politics could be based on mutual needs instead of blind competition. Our law could be based on protection of real value instead of protection of private property, our economy on achieving social and environmental purposes, and our technology could help to support and further these aims. In such a civilised society, our cities could change into wildly diverse places, accommodating many other species besides humans. Our culture could cross over between these species, bringing unexpected new and exciting dreams and desires, new forms of culture and art, on a planet that is full with possibility.

This blog will be dedicated to my ongoing research project, bringing the different topics together and establishing unexpected links.

developed_film copy


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